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August 06, 2006


Thanks for taking the time to write down some of what Adrian Lucas said. It was indeed an interesting podcast. I am too very interested in how social media is changing MSM. Let's see what tomorrow brings... :=)

It was indeed a very interesting podcast, with two of my favourite people, and a few points really stood out. Looking back on the post I wrote now, I realise it's just a sketch. There's a lot more to be said about the impact of the points Adriana raises, but writing them down is a starting point and provides food for thought.

Thanks for refering to Adriana Lucas on Twitter today, his quote about the readers is still standing strong in 2010:
"When I blog I get attention, it's not monetized, but the value is there... It's who, not how many, who reads your blog that's important. I would rather have 1000 important readers than 100,000 random readers, if impact is why I blog."

Replied to your tweet before I saw your comment, but yes: I think this is very true today as well. Of course, it all depends on what you want to, and set out to, achieve with your blog, and success has to be measured with that in mind.

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