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October 02, 2007


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» Don't write papers, just deliver them from Greenslade
Norwegian newspaper delivery staff earn more than journalists. It appears that some of the people who deliver Aftenposten earn between £65-75k, and even the low-paid deliverers pick up £30-35k. The editor-in-chief of another paper, Tönsbergs Blad, has ... [Read More]


hey, is not looking bad! when may i start? i'm not from poland but from romania, any problem :)?

Nationality doesn't make a difference as far as I know. Jobs for Aftenposten in the Oslo-area would probably be filled, but, according to the article I quote, Mecom's Edda Media is very short of delivery staff in Vestfold, a lovely county on the south coast - and I guess a company car wouldn't hurt:-) ?

On the other hand, writing is indoor work with no heavy lifting. On the other other hand, paper delivery isn't subject to constant rejection by morons.

Ha,ha.. constant rejection by mororons! Who are you pitching? I've luckily never had to face that: my editors may be running around themselves at times, momentarily forgetting which planet they are on, but other than that they've been star quality.

Can't imagine that newspaper delivery would entail too heavy lifting, but in the cities it would mean running up and down endless flights of stairs. However, there's always the option of delivering newspapers to subsidise a flourishing blogging career:-)

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