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January 09, 2008


How to remove Internet based defamation and online libel
I am currently researching the evolution of internet based defamation and online libel and its financial, emotional and commercial impact. I am also studying the world’s legal systems attempts to keep up with the internet explosion as it pertains to freedom of speech.
I will appreciate if lawyers, free speech enthusiasts and technology people who have valid comments contact me with their thoughts. Also, please send me links to any good reference material that you know of.
Based on my research, “winners” in court are far and few between. But online slander, libel & defamation is obviously a significant problem. These guys make a living out of getting online libel removed with out-of-court solutions, but they also assist attorneys in investigations: www.rexxfield.com . They do pro bono for victims that can’t get work due to libel.
Seeking case studies:
• Please help me if you know of real life examples of the following:
• Suicides or attempted suicide due to online libel or internet defamation
• Bankruptcy due to online defamation or internet based libel
• Divorce due to online libel or internet defamation
• Termination of employment due to online defamation or web based libel
• Physical assaults due to online libel or internet defamation
• Successful litigation against online libel or internet defamation activities
If there is someone else undertaking a similar study wishing to collaborate, I’d love to hear from you. The internet is a big place, there is much to sift through.
Thank you very much,
yaaawnn [at] gmail [d0t] com (that is G M A I L in case it doesn’t appear )
Keyw0rds only:
• Internet libel
• Online libel
• Web based libel
• Internet defamation
• Online defamation
• Web based defamation
• Internet slander
• Online slander
• Web based slander

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