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April 09, 2008


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» Do journalists make good bloggers? from Greenslade
Kristine Lowe asks: should journalists blog and, if they, do, are they any good at it? Her analysis, with several links, merits reading. I like her headline too: Journalists take to blogging like ducks to tarmac. Enjoy. (Via Kristine Lowe)... [Read More]


Great piece Kristine,

The short answer is that of course journalists should blog.

Yes there is a problem about the blurring of fact and opinion but let's be honest haven't we got that anyway in the media.

Journalists are inherantly good writers with a flair for words.
Why shouldn't we blog if we've got something interesting to say?
As long as it doesn't conflict with our reporting I think it's a good thing. There's a pleasure to be had in reading a well written blog.


Don't know. You tell me...


Of course, as I've been in the blogging game for quite a while myself, I'm quite partial to the idea of journalists blogging - as I touch on in the first link. But I do think that journalists have a few additional obstacles to overcome. I'll try to return to this in the morning.

Nigel: yes, I do seem to remember having one or two debates about editorialising in the pre-blogging days too:-)

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