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January 26, 2009


You've got me curious how exactly it felt - you say "surreal," but I'm wondering exactly what you sensed.

I always imagine myself being gripped by utter dread and locking myself in a cabinet or something. But I guess there's a more general feeling of unease? Something like, you don't know what to expect from people because they're all stressed?

Surreal as in walking into a bad dream wide awake or into a surrealist painting: it's not your dream or your painting, which gives you a sense of detachement; a sense of being a mere spectator as you know your flight will bring you back to the world you know Monday morning. I'll get back with more on this story soonish, which I hope will convey more of the atmosphere.

Would you recommend vacationing there in light of the current conditions? I was planning a trip for March but was waiting to book since their economy kept sinking.

I don't know of anything that would make me feel wary of travelling to Iceland. The demonstrations I attended as a reporter were all peaceful enough, and people were friendly. As a tourist you would probably not seek out the demos anyway, and the price level is agreeable for foreigners. My plane over there was fully booked, as did my hotel seem to be. Perhaps I'd make extra sure I was well covered in case my travel operator or hotel should go bust, but I haven't looked into that side of things in any detail.

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