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November 25, 2009


To say that I "harassed" other tweeters is completely false. Please justify this allegation.

You might name your source, while you're at it, or give a good reason why you allowed them to remain anonymous.

It's easy to snipe anonymously - much harder to stand by your words in public. I admitted my stupidity in posting that tweet and publicly apologised for it. Did your "source" not catch that?

And why do you suppose this was an attempt to "airbrush", rather than a retraction with regret for thoughtlessness? On what basis are you second-guessing my motives?

I let my source remain anonymous because I had every reason to trust the person in question, and because what was said rhymed with my own impressions and memories from following you on Twitter as @yiannopoulos.

I remember you as being very cocky, at times aggressive and often having a go at other tweeters, but I make no assumptions about your motives - the title on the paragraph on you is from a quote, I'll make that clearer. I did miss the fact that you appologised for the affair though.

Well, I was asking for a justification that I "harassed" other tweeters. Now you've watered the allegation down to "having a go at", I guess I'm less interested. Not that you ventured an explanation for that remark in the first place.

The addition of scare quotes around "Airbrushing yourself out of history" and the fact that you've left this baseless supposition from your source intact actually makes the offence worse, but having looked at the level of attention your blog gets, I'm not inclined to waste further time commenting here.

And you have the audacity to include an anonymous quote mentioning "mild libel" in connection with me. Wow. If this is how you write about fellow professionals, I feel for you.

One day you'll go after someone who can be bothered to sue *you* for libel. They'll win.

Ha, ha, ha: not impressed about the level of attention this blog gets? I'm not sure where you have looked, but I know my readers and reach well enough to beg to differ.

However, if I've made a mistake or not given enough thought to a formulation I'll be the first to correct it. In this case I've rephrased some of the text to take your objections into account.

Thank you for the amendments.

I suppose it would be too much to ask you to spell my name correctly, or even consistently...

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