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August 18, 2010


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V v good...

I can point you to a clutch of people who are crossing this great church/state divide...

eg a 14-year BBC veteran Claire Wood, who runs www.southnorwichnews.co.uk here in my home city... she's now 'selling' to ensure that her site is, at least, 'not-for-loss'.

Likewise the boys behind www.thelichfieldblog.co.uk

And - this is a point I bend Sarah Hartley's ear about re The Guardian's 'beat-bloggers' initiative out of Cardiff, Edinburgh and Leeds... I think they have to 'sell' as well as story find... that whilst they are hanging round the corridors of provincial Gov't power, find the councillor with the local accountancy firm, etc etc... and get him to advertise...

I'm biased.

We have a self-serve (albeit with a bit of a nudge...) ad system in www.addiply.com that aims to be the Flickr for the ad dept... but it delivers *numbers*... the transparency that all new advertisers want to see... what am I *actually* getting for my €25 a month text ad?


And you're quite right: I don't think we can any of us afford to make this distinction between the 'ad floor' and the 'editorial floor'.

Collaboration is queen, as Dave Cohn might say.

best etc

I thank you for your most INTERESTING post.

I would agree with the SCRIVENERS Mr Rick Waghorn and Mr Marc Reeves that the distinction drawn between COMMERCE and the practice of JOURNALISM has been no more than a pleasant DELUSION for those folk FORTUNATE enough to be IGNORANT of the reality beneath it.

There is much to be OPTIMISTIC about when the basics of COMMERCE are as clearly displayed as they are in your SCRIBING and in our new world.

Best regards
Gentl. of WORD and PICTURE

Postscriptum - please forgive my use of UPCAPS ‘tis but an ARTIFICE

Thanks for the pointers to other sites, Rick. It's interesting to see how start-ups find their way/ go about funding the business. I fully agree with those who argue that the distinction drawn btwn commerce and journalism in many ways has been unfortunate - and in some respect a delusion as the honourable gentleman Mr Grubbe suggests - but the solution? I must admit I'm still pondering all this...

Now that Google News has started displaying very visible bylines for many listings it could be argued that journalists ARE now a form of advertising.

We can assume that listed sites at Google News only display bylines for journalists they are proud of.

So the journalist in this case is a "brand" that gains in value the more s\he is exposed in this way. And gains in value as readers see that yes, this person is a darn good journalist, one I'd prefer in future if given the choice.

Of course this increases the brand value of that journalist's news site at Google News.

There is another aspect: there is an opinion amongst search engine optimization experts [SEOs] that the journalist bylines that news sites display in their Google listings act as keywords that increase the likelihood that the news site will get a good placing in peoples' search engine results.

My discussion leads up to telling you that our site www.newsknife.com now rates journalists based on their appearances at Google News.

As at October 1, 2010 we have 30,000 journalists ranked.

We think this has value to journalists because, for example, they can see instances where stories they have contributed to have performed well at Google News. And they can see where those stories have been seen across the globe; examples of the size of their audience.

News sites can see journalists Newsknife has rated well for their appearances at Google News in different regions and expertise. For example, we currently have a ranking of 622 journalists we have found in the Business section of Google News U.K. Handy information.

A journalist's reputation is of priceless value. The more visible it is the more its value is appreciated - and appreciates. Google News is a significant platform for increasing the visibility (and thus burnishing the reputations) of a large number of journalists. Newsknife's ratings attempt to highlight this value.

"Brand", "reputation", "value" - words so very familiar to the world of advertising. Perfectly at home too in journalism.

Finally, here's a link to SEO comment about the value of journalists as keywords:

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