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July 23, 2011


Can't imagine what your country is going through. The headlines about this over here in the States have us shocked.

Yes, this story just keeps getting more surreal. I've just read parts of what we assume is the terrorist's manifest (he's confessed both to the bomb and the shootings), and it's sickening. What really got me me was that the terror attacks, the bomb and the shootings, are described as his marketing operation for the manifest. The author doesn't mention the actual events in that paragraph, but it's easy to deduce that it is what he refers to.

My deep and sincere condolences to Norwegian people from Ukraine. Now we know what kind of social disaster ultra-right parties (with hatred and intolerance to Muslims, immigrants, other peoples) could trigger. But, frankly speaking, I'm more inclined to agree with K. G.-Jung: "The future of our civilization hangs on thin thread of human's psyche".

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