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December 31, 2012


When I moved into my current place, I found the walls charred with mould. (The previous occupant's furniture had concealed it all.) Water leaking through from bathroom was the biggest contributor, and that's been stopped. But it's taken a couple of years for the walls to dry out.

Anyway, I'm glad you've found healthier accommodation. I'm really glad you found stable employment. I hope life won't be quite so demanding in 2013. And I love the photo. Happy new year!

Happy new year! Hope you finally resolve that issue with hmrc soon, and that the outcome is all in your favour - what a nightmare.

That dampness / mold issue you describe sounds pretty grim, I don't think I could've lived with it - though I did encounter some pretty bad issues like that when I lived in the UK. In the first flat I rented in the UK, together with friends as I was 19 or so and just starting Uni, we could walk into the kitchen in the morning and had to dry the kitchen table as it became wet overnight, and we couldn't light the gas stove - the match would go out. But the landlady & landord said "oh no, it's not dampness, it's just condensation" :-)

In the last flat I lived in in the UK, this was in 2004, we opened the livingroom wardrobe after living their for a month and discovered the winter clothes were overgrown with white and green stuff - mold. When we tried to get out of the rental contract based on this, the landlord sent a retired MI5 agent around to our flat with the message it was no way we'd get out of the contract (tho he did offer me to ghost the book about his life;-) ) and a (dear) lawyer friend told me "tenants in this country has all sorts of rights, but acting on them ruins their lives".

The tales I live to tell :-) The flat I moved out of in August was a different story. No obvious mold, and it was ever so charming 300 yr old house, but it was very Gaimanesque: When it rained or was damp outside all these creepy-crawlies came creeping out from the walls or falling down from the ceiling, including lots of flying ants. It's only moving away from that place I realised how much my stuff, especially clothes and books, now smelled of mold.

May I never have such an experience again, and I do hope your current place have dried out properly as living in such a damp place can hardly be healthy.

In either case, I hope 2013 will be a wonderful, light and easy year - can do with one of those now, and I bet I'm not the only one :-)

Happy New Year! :)

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