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Blogger-Journalist writing about media, tech and all things digital. Founder of Norwegian Online News Association (NONA).


As you've probably gathered from my blogs, I'm a bit of a media junkie and truly fascinated by all the factors that shape our world for better or worse: ideas, technology, finance, politics, culture. I'm especially intrigued by how new technology alters the whole field of communications.

As a journalist and commentator my beat was tech, media and all things digital, which means I specialised in covering what happens in the intersection between technology, finance, politics, mainstream media and social media. But my route into being paid to write about these issues was my blog - that's how it all started. These days I only blog about these things on my spare time, as I recently took up a new, fulltime job working with online development, social media and science communication

I obtained my journalism degree from London's City University (2002) and also have a BA in political science and intellectual history from the University of Oslo (2000)


Religion: none
Stocks: none
Memberships: SATS (gym), Mediabistro, Wired journalists + founder and president of Norwegian Online News
Association (NONA)

Business and media ties: Where to start? I started my media career as an editorial columnist with regional newspaper Drammens Tidende when I was 18. I also started working as a freelance journalist at that age and over the years I have written for a wide range of Scandinavian, British and American media organisations, including The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, The Mail on Sunday, IFRA Magazine,, Press Gazette, Viking Magazine, Dagens Næringsliv, Journalisten, Kampanje, ABC Nyheter and VG. Before taking up my current job in mid-2012, I worked as technology blogger, columnist and journalist for Schibsted-owned VG.

I've also been a regular contributor to Ethical Space: the international journal of communication ethics, which has been republished as a series of anthologies.


Travel, journalism, blogging, books, food & wine, dogs. Exploring new ideas, places, stories, technology, myths and realities. Figuring out what moves the world and what makes people tick.