Damn that free enterprise
Grand Place, Brussels

All roads lead to Rome, but none out of Brussels

On Monday morning I found myself standing in the middle of scenic Belgian countryside: the only sounds to be heard were those of cows mooing. The problem with this idyllic scene was that I was supposed to have been on Brussels airport, checking in for my flight back to Oslo, and trains are not too frequent in the Belgian boondocks. I eventually arrived the airport three minutes after my plane took off. Needless to say, I got to know Brussels airport much better than I have ever desired that day, before I eventually was able to board my newly bought return trip. There’s this old saying about getting up on the wrong foot, now how about getting on the wrong train? I can certainly think of better ways to start your week…

The irony of it was that two days earlier, two of my travel companions missed their flight back to Stockholm as the bus they boarded to Charleroi got stuck on the bus station. My friend who lured me to Brussels in the first place was due to fly to Columbia, Missouri, one hour after me, but got held up for a day in Amsterdam as her flight was overbooked. 

These obstacles led me to do explore a bit more about this city we all found it so difficult to get out of. According to Wikipedia “The name Brussels comes from the old Dutch Bruocsella, Brucsella or Broekzele, which means "marsh (bruoc, bruc or broek) home (sella or zele)" or "home in the marsh",” which makes totally sense to me.  One day I might look back on my close escape from marsh city and smile…


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