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The Cat is Back

Last month I wrote about my friend H's close encounter with death and how she miraculously survived a dramatic crash with a mountain wall which left her car completely wrecked. Well, wonders of all wonders, not only did my friend H and the contents of the car all survive in one piece, yesterday Casanova the cat - who ran away after the accident - turned up alive! We've had our power struggles Casanova and I, most notably the first few times I was cat sitting for him and he tried to manipulate me into feeding him all day and get me up in the mornings by banging on my door an meuing from 5am on - it's not for nothing that he's nick-named 'the centre of the world'. However, once we got past the stage of testing each others boundaries we've come to an understanding and I am very glad to see him back. Casanova's return reminded me of my friend Charles' little tune 'The Cat Came Back':
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