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How social media changes MSM

It's all about trust

The journalist-versus-blogger debate has been coined an objectivity debate, but JP Rangaswami has another interesting take on it. The post is well-worth reading in full, but here's my favourite quote:

"The journalist-versus-blogger debates are all about trust.

Trust used to be something that bound small groups together. Over time we tried to scale trust. It didn’t scale. And what happened instead was Big Everything. In an Assembly-Line meets Broadcast world. Big Everything broke trust. Big Media lied. Big Content Producer reduced our choices. Big Pipe and Big Device reduced it further. Big Firm wrongsized away. And Big Government did what it liked.

Now, with the web and with communities and with social software and with the inheritance of Moore and Metcalfe, we’ve had a chance to rebuild trust."

Still, we're having this debate because the world is changing and mainstream media is forced to change with it to avoid being left behind on the dustheap of history.
Andrew Grant-Adamson writes: "We are in a period of rapid and unpredictable change: journalists who choose to be dinosaurs will become extinct but those who evolve will, I believe, emerge stronger." This doesn't mean that we should not explore the nature of what is changing and try to predict where we are heading. Brian's latest podcast with Adriana provides some interesting perspectives on this, but it's a bit on the lengthy side (1hour+) so I'll blog about some of the headlines I found most interesting in a separate post.


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