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No charges against Benkow

It seems Björn Benkow might get away with fabricating interviews with the rich and the famous. Aftonbladet, Dagbladet and Tara have all decided not to press charges, but as far as I know his many 'victims', such as Bill Gates and Michael Schumacher, may still sue him.

Norwegian bloggers have had a heyday with the Benkow-story and produced fake Benkow-interviews with everyone from Bush to Bin Laden, aptly imitating his tabloid style which often touches on the hurts of his interviewee's childhood. Norwegian barrister Tor Erling Staff has said Benkow deserves praise rather than condemnation: " The man has exposed Akersgata [Norway's Fleet Street] and the benightedness of a media industry that is supposed to run an investigative operation! My God, the editors have to use their heads. They know him. The man can hardly move. How can he then travel the world? " he told Propaganda. In the same article Staff said he thought Benkow's tear wrenching press release, in which he said he did what he did out of desperation, was one of Benkow's biggest scams – and the most skilful.


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