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Ever fretted over typos and messy page layouts in newspapers? Readers of Norwegian regional newspaper Drammens Tidende (DT) now know who to blame. As of Monday this week, sub-editors and designers get their bylines at the bottom of the pages they have worked on.

DT’s production editor, Svein Helge Torgersen, told Journalisten: ”I won’t deny that this is also about making those who work with sub-editing and layout accountable. They should be credited for good work, but at the same time be made responsible for what is not so good. The use of bylines implies that they get a chance to show that they do a lot and work hard."

DT is part of Orkla Media, soon to become Mecome Europe. For the record I should also mention that I started my media career here: if I remember correctly, it was DT's former political editor who lured me into writing for mainstream media in the first place (which I guess is a roundabout way of saying thank you), some eleven years ago when I was very young and very opinionated.


There goes the excuse of every reporter who has blamed a sub rather than take responsibility for a mistake. If the complaining reader contacts the sub, he or she will, no doubt, be robust in their own defence.

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