The last boat
Faking it

The last summer of a true hero

Many of you will be familiar with how my dog saved my life. I would not have been here today if Tajo had not intervened and found help after a hit-and-run driver had left me to die next to a deserted forest road almost 13 years ago. Yesterday I had to administer Tajo's death – for three years now his legs have started to give in, and we chose to put him down before he would have been unable to walk altogether.

Tajo died a very happy dog, surrounded by his family, and he kept guarding his flock faithfully to the end - even though it clearly tired him in his old age. Tajo touched many lives and made many fans and friends - as far afield as the US West Coast – so for a limited time we have set up a memorial site for him here. Feel free to leave comments on his site or send me stories and pictures.


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