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A few disjointed thoughts

I keep running short on time this week, but here are some interesting perspectives on the media future I simply haven't had time to blog about (do follow the links though, but be warned that the recap of Doc Searls' speech is partly in Danish):

Nobody killed the newspaper
Food for thought from Alvaro Vargas Llosa (yes, Mario Vargas Llosa's son, bet he's heard that reference way too often):
"In the old days, they used to call it choice and freedom. Today we call it murder. But nobody killed the newspaper. It's just that information, which used to flow from the top down, is now starting to flow from the bottom up."

Media has to forget about mediation
Doc Searls (Cluetrain Manifesto etc): "The biggest challenge for media is to forget about mediation – it's not about being the transmitting unit anymore – one has to encapsulate more. New media is not in the middle -it’s on the edge." (Mediainnovation reporting from NewMediaDays2006)

Google Nichecasting
Jeff Jarvis on the Google+YouTube deal: "If the Google purchase of YouTube is successful, it will learn how to listen to people as individuals with taste and timely opinions and use that to enable us to find the video we each want to see wherever it is. It will make YouTube a key channel of distribution even for old, big networks (witness this deal, announced yesterday, between CBS TV and YouTube). And then Google will sell advertising on that new TV screen, powering the explosion of the new television."


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