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Every cloud has a silver lining

The ongoing Danish freesheet war may be a tumultuous and costly war for newspaper proprietors, but it has created scores of new journalism jobs. Due to an avalanche of new freesheets, as well as new magazines, radio- and TV channels and internet expansion, unemployment among the country's journalists are lower than in many years, according to Mediawatch. Among the new freesheets Nyhedsavisen has created about 100 new journalism jobs, 24timer about 50, David Montogomery's Dato 40. In addition, TV2 News has recruited 100 new journalists and TV2 Radio 60.

It's rather unlikely that all the new freesheets will survive, every war has its casualties, and it would be no suprise if the freesheets eroded the position of paid for papers, but still: seems like there are worse places than Denmark to be a journalist at the moment.


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