Every cloud has a silver lining
Blogging can be dangerous business for officials


The publications UN produces are very rarely possible to read anyhow..

Too funny:-) Though haven't read any UN documents lately, so don't feel qualified to comment.

Too right Oeystein! Perhaps rather than spend hours concocting meaningless gramatical endtails the organisation might just have considered publishing its Economic Comission for Europe Report, with such instantly comprehendible tid-bits like "It is recognised that Goal 8 of the MDGs (Partnership for development) is by essence of an international nature (global, inter-regional or intra-regional). It has been argued that the other MDGs (Goals 1 to 7) should be addressed at the national level. While there is no doubt about the primary responsibility of national actors (public, private, civil society) for achieving these goals, it also has to be recognised that the regional and subregional context has an impact on these achievements in many aspects."

And, although noble in its sentiment, it does rather raise the question of how much time UN Officials have on their hands.

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