Journalist ousted in hacking-scandal blogs his way back

Danish freesheet war claims its first victim

Three months into a newspaper war that has seen the Danes bombarded with freesheets from left, right and centre, MetroXpressen's afternoon edition in Copenhagen throws in the towel (via Börsen, in Danish). The company's afternoon title was launched in August amidst a small avalanche of new free morning papers, but it is not believed its closure will impact on the 'war' amongst the country's free morning titles: 'This newspaper did not have anything to do with the morning papers, so it is of no significance to us that it now closes. It only goes to show that the traffic in the afternoon is insufficient to support a free title like MetroXpressen,' Steen Breiner, editor-in-chief of Mecom-owned Dato, told Börsens Nyhetstjeneste (BNT).


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