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Journalist charged with 'unlawful data intrusion'

Reporter Niklas Svensson and five youth politicians will have to defend themselves in court in the wake of the latest Swedish Watergate, recently renamed 'Leijongate' (I'd love to know why as it kind of plays on my surname, albeit in Swedish). In Svensson's case, it's the first time a Swedish journalist has been brought to court for this kind of offense – it wasn't exactly hacking, as he was given the log-in details for the Social Democrat's intranet from a 'source', a youth politician from a competing party, and I guess the claim that he was protecting his source isn't entirely far-fetched. It will be an interesting case to watch, as it should bring up all sorts of more or less principled arguments, and Svensson is considering to plead not guilty (via Dagens Media).


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