While we're on the issue of trust...

Norway's tabloids make their profits online

The Brits seem increasingly reluctant to dish out their hard earned pennies on tabloids, a story that is much the same in Norway: only this weekend Dagbladet announced new cuts due to dwindling print sales. That's only half the story though, what is unique about Dagbladet is that more people are now reading it online than in print, and Norway's two biggest tabloids are making pretty decent money on their online businesses. Last year Dagbladet made a hefty 26,6 per cent profit margin online, and VG a staggering 42,3 per cent, in stark contrast to their printed papers, where Dagbladet was in the red (-1,5 per cent) and VG recorded a 14 per cent profit margin. If we compare that with two of Norway's most upmarket newspapers (in the old days one of the them at least was a broadsheet) the relationship is reverse: Aftenposten, the printed paper, had a profit margin of 7,4 per cent in 2005, while it's online version had 3,7 per cent. For Dagens Naeringsliv (DN) the numbers were 12,4 per cent in print and 7,0 per cent online (all numbers are taken from this Norwegian survey, in Pdf, compiled by Dagens Media).


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