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Get your Pultzier Price in blogging

Pay-walls and print shut people out from the political conversation

America's political conversation has shifted away from traditional media to the web, argues Jacob Weisberg, Slate's editor-in-chief, in this intriguing interview with The Guardian:

"Anyone who really wants to participate in that conversation has to have a presence on the web now - not necessarily a blog, but they have to have a website or write for an online publication. Within half an hour of posting a piece on Slate, I get a direct, often hostile and personal, response from readers.

"That's part of what I think has been so frustrating for the columnists on the New York Times, like Thomas Friedman, Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd, who are online but are behind a 'pay-wall' - you have to be a subscriber to the paper or subscribe separately to the website before you can get them. That effectively cuts them out of the political conversation."


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