Blogging nuns – the tipping point for social media
No more Mr Nice Guy - bring out the knives

Another tipping point for social media - politicians hijack Le Web

Surely, when politicians start flocking to international blogging conferences, begging for a spot in the speaker line-up, that's when blogging has become... eh... well, mainstream? Live blogging from LeWeb3, the third Les Blogs conference in Paris, Robin Hamman, is disappointed by how this year's speakers "mostly come from companies... who don't know what a blog is," and overwhelmed by all the politicos working the podium, including Shimon Peres and the whole line up of French presidential candidates: "Why am I writing so much about politicians? Because that, rather than the internet, blogging, web 2.0 and all the themes we came here for, is what this conference now seems to be all about."


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