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A few links worth following

A few interesting stories I didn't find time to blog about. Should I be on Probably, but I can't seem to make the site agree with my security settings at the moment, so perhaps when I have a bit more time to play around with it...

Text is free, we make our money on volume(s)
Food for thought from James Boyle, a professor of law at Duke University: Why might free digital availability make sense for parts of the publishing industry?

Successful freedom of information campaign: Where did all the (EU) subsidies go...
Over the next two years a ground-breaking decision by the council of ministers and the European Parliament will result in the biggest release of information held by governments to the public and the media since the creation of the European Union.

Libby trial to display changed reporter-source relations (via Mediabistro)
As the perjury and obstruction of justice trial of I. Lewis Libby Jr unfolds over the next few weeks, the ways in which the case has vastly reshaped relations between reporters and high government officials will be on vivid display.


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