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How can journalists work without newsreaders?

"A very good question asked by Lost Remote. Why don’t more journalists use news readers? I would never have come across this posting if my daily routine did not start with making a mug of tea, perching it on my desk and opening NewsGator," writes Andrew Grant-Adamson. I couldn't agree more. Do check out the full post (see my previous musings on the wonders of RSS-feeds here).


My experience of my colleagues so far is that, at best, about 10% of them have heard of RSS...

They aren't going to be using readers until they understand feeds

Funny, that. I talked to an editor the other day who asked me how skimming an RSS-feed is different from skimming the newspapers like he did every morning. I would say 1) volume - the amount of feeds and how much quicker than a pile of papers 2)Speed: the advantages of web first is I can read the Sunday papers 1am Sunday morning, or whenever the news breaks or a blog is updated 3) No time zones: I don't have to wait to get foreign papers shipped to me 4) Specialisation, I don't have to wade thru lots of things that are irrelevant to me, like in a paper... Any benefits I've overlooked? Do tell me...

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