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Yahoo buys MyBlogLog

This time, it's for real... The internet portal has confirmed the purchase, but refused to disclose the price tag. However, Forbes quotes sources indicating a sum just above $10m.

Tellingly, this is how Bloggers Blog describes MyBlogLog: it "helps add social networking and community features to blogs. It also provides blog statistics". In my early blogging days I signed up with MyBlogLog for stats, but must admit I opted out of it partly because of the community emphasise. Don't get me wrong, communities are great, but everything is being communitised online these days, and there's a limit to how many communities you can spend effort on, building them takes time, especially when you work the kind of hours I do and am just in the blogging world for fun...

Update 19/1-07: Here's a great breakdown of the deal from Om Malik (via Adam Tinworth)


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