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Swedes flock to Second Life

Can we have a law against cost-cutting in the newsrooms, please? And perhaps one against increased commercialisation?

As noted by Andrew Grant-Adamson, and in the comments, incorporating the rights and duties of the editor in the Norwegian legislation doesn't do much to 'tame' Montgomery, or any unscrupulous media proprietor. The Norwegian Journalists' Union (NJ) was quick to voice its concern about the proposed new law's shortcomings, its representatives stating that they were much more concerned about financial than political pressures. Ironically, this sentiment seemed to be shared by Norway's culture minister, Trond Giske, who stated much the same when he introduced the law proposal (DN, no direct link available).

Overall, it would be fair to say that Giske has failed to impress anyone in his handling of he whole Orkla-Mecom affair, though the editor's association seemed grateful for the prospect of having this long standing voluntary agreement made law. The journalist union, however, restated how it felt increased financial pressures and commercialisation were much more pressing concerns (4th paragraph), and Propaganda's commentator Dag Solberg (in Norwegian) was quick to criticise the law proposal in an article entitled "The Lawless Law": 'The proposed law will only create an incentive for proprietors to hire obedient editors, and who then will stand up for the journalists?' he asked.


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