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The Danish freesheet war: who'll be next to throw in the towel?

Montgomery's Dato second victim in Danish freesheet war

As I predicted at the start of this year, Dato – the first new door-to-door distributed freesheet to hit the streets at the start of the Danish freesheet war last August – has become the second free title to be withdrawn from the market. Berlingske Officin, Mecom's Danish division, has wisely decided to merge Dato with Urban, the newspaper group's pre-freesheet-war freebie, and Dato will cease to exist as an independent newspaper as of today (via Berlingske, in Danish).

Back in January I wrote (6th paragraph) that "Mecom-owned Berlingske Officin already has one well-established traffic distributed freesheet with a distinct profile, Urban, why then sink money into a door-to-door distributed one which had the worst readership figures of all the major freesheets in recent polls? One new freebie has already thrown in the towel ... My bet is that Dato will be the next to go, at least that would make most sense if logic has anything to do with it."


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