Montgomery's Dato second victim in Danish freesheet war
Next victim in the Danish freesheet war: 24timer?

The Danish freesheet war: who'll be next to throw in the towel?

With four major Danish freesheets left after Dato merged with Urban yesterday, experts still think the market is too crowded and one more freesheet needs to go. Dato is said to have lost at least 100m DKK - setting aside 400m DKK to fight the freesheet war was one of Montgomery's first actions when he finalised the acquisition or Orkla Media last year - and half of its journalists will be made redundant.

Who's next? My bet is actually on JP/Politiken's 24timer, though it seems, with circulation figures approaching half a million, to be doing very well. Dato was bound to fail because it was a defesive move, and a very rushed one at that. This, in essence, is also why I think 24timer will be the next Danish freesheet to call it quits. More in a separate post later... (Since I'm self-employed, my days just snowball out of control sometimes: this is one of those days, not much brainpower left at the end of it).


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