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Bloggers plea for funds comes close to raising 10000 Euros in five days

Bloggers beat BBC and Sky

Or did they? At least Iain Dale claims trawling blogs helped 18 Doughty Street web-Tv beat the two broadcasting giants by about half an hour to announcing the results of this week's UK elections.

It's a wonderful illustration of our (ever-) changing media landscape. I vividly remember when I was doing a stint of work experience at The Daily Telegraph online (I was still in Uni back then ) in 2001 and the editor, Richard Burton, was over the moon with beating BBC to publishing some political story – text and picture online. This year, the election coverage of Britain's online newspapers was judged by quite different standards, and Andrew Grant-Adamson was far from impressed by their stabs at using interactive maps.

I've previously written on how I think live blogging is a great way of covering elections, but, even though I had great fun live blogging the annual conference of the Editors' Association this week, faced with the prospect of live blogging the local elections in Norway this autumn (as surely someone should do), I would have to answer as Björn Stärk did when I approached him about the Editors' Assocition's conference:

'I don't think I'd be able to muster enough motivation... but imagine: Live blogging from a second-hand book-shop, 1 weekend, 10 bloggers, 10 000 forgotten books. That I would have joined you in.' (Brilliant idea! Though being freelance, I have to admit that I'd probably live blog the annual meeting of the farmers' association if someone paid me (enough) to do so).


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