Storm over journalist who joined activists on the barricades
And then the sun came out..

Rainy days in Brighton

Did I bring an umbrella? Nah, wouldn't have been much use in the wind anyway. A raincoat? Don't own one. Wellingtons? Would've taken up too much of my suitcase...

But Brighton is pretty awesome on rainy days as well: especially when you can sit, safe behind the windows, with your laptop, looking out on the turbulent sea. The storms you get in Brighton are quite unparaIleled my third cousin, who went to a boarding school down here some 30 years ago, often says, but when I lived here, ten years ago, storms were rare, and if it rained it was mostly just a drizzle.


I could go down on the beach, to the Fortune of War, a pub, which' interior gives you the feeling of sitting in a ship, and watch the waves hit the shore (picture below from sunny yesterday, a marvellous day in between two gloomy ones), or make it over to the Grand for some proper afternoon tea.


In the end I opted for the latter: a pleasant walk down memory lane, crap service.



What makes the service so bad?

Welcome back to the UK Kristine - even if it was in a stormy week! Hope you enjoyed the Brighton lanes too...

Thanks, Richard. I should perhaps have headlined this shifty rather than rainy days: it's been all doom and gloom one day, all sunshine the next - but I'm here to write and unwind, so weather doesn't matter much. I do however try to stay out of the lanes and the bookstores, if not I'd soon be seriously out of pocket.

Ashok: When the waiter is all too ready to tell you where not to sit, but nowhere to be seen when you want to place an order, and the bill lands on your table before you ordered it, it does make you wonder.

You can't beat a good storm by the sea, I was down last year for a weekend in brighton hotel and thats exactly what I got, was good to watch though.

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