Schibsted's merger dreams may be doomed
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Competition authority approves Schibsted merger

Well wouldn't you know, just a few days ago the Norwegian Media Authority voiced its disapproval of Schibsted's plans to create giant newspaper group Media Norway, by 'merging' its daily Aftenposten with regionals Faedrelandsvennen, Stavanger Aftenblad and Bergens Tidende, and threatened to intervene against it. Today the Norwegian Competition Authority has approved the merger, though demanded that Schibsted observe certain conditions, mainly to do with not creating a printing monopoly. Any radical alterations to the original merger plans? Not really, at least not according to Schibsted. It must be a good thing that there are several authorities involved: gives you a new news story almost every day. Better prepare for more consultations with the Norwegian Media Ownership Authority – Dagens Medier reports that a final decision is expected by 15 September.


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