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Get those bloggers on board: public broadcaster hires expert bloggers

Denmarks' public broadcaster is enrolling some 40 'expert bloggers' to give instant indepth analysis on the broadcaster's main news, if I understand this article correctly. The new feature will become a part of DR blogs this summer and goes under the name 'Project A-blogger: blogs from from people who know something to people who want to know something'. The expert bloggers enlisted will be experts in their fields who write something more akin to what's been dubbed 'crogs' (via Martin Stabe), rather than any old blog. It sounds like and interesting way of extending the debate in the wake of breaking news and current affairs programmes, and I do hope it will be a considerable improvement from DR blogs' current content, which is very light and featury and includes this post on whether ice bears are cuter than mosquitoes.


"Instant indepth analysis"

I mean, after spending time thinking about whether ice bears are cuter than mosquitoes, I guess anything - including logical contradiction being employed as a task to the degree that a given task is not feasible - is an improvement.

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