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Prosecutor investigates Bildt's blog for racist remarks

Auch! Sweden's blogging foreign minister Carl Bildt, previously heavily criticised for bypassing the media by writing a blog, has now been put under investigation for not removing certain reader comments made on his blog (but Bildt assures us that these comments have now been removed).

The Local has this to say about the investigation, which revolves around a guy called Lindberg (a quick look at Aftonbladet online reveals that we're talking about chief prosecutor Jörgen Lindberg):

Lindberg told Swedish Radio that he was investigating a breach of the Act on Responsibility for Electronic Bulletin Boards. The law stipulates that the person in charge of a blog is responsible for removing comments that could constitute a breach of the law.

Bildt is not currently being treated as a suspect, but speaking to Aftonbladet, Lindberg said "we will see whether or not to declare him a suspect."

Lindberg is expected to make a decision in the autumn on whether to continue the investigation.

One of the comments being investigated called Palestinians 'spawn of Satan,' while another called them 'a bloody pack of murderers.' In one comment, a reader said: 'give us 24 hours and all Palestinians will be gone, and we'll have 100 percent of Israel.'


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