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It looks as if Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Danish prime minister, has set out to seduce the country's bloggers. Not only has he recently started blogging, but, while addressing his first post to "Dear Reader", each of his subsequent posts starts with "Dear Bloggers".

At this stage, his blog posts read like a mix between a letter and a speech. No outgoing links (yet?), but plenty of comments and a fairly sensible, bordering on strict, comment policy.

In his first post he writes: "My weblog has one main purpose: I want to use this chance to get inspiration, good ideas and opinions directly from you. And of course I want to use the chance to communicate some political messages every now and then." He goes one to write about how much he values meeting and talking to people from all over the country with different stories, dreams, worries, aspirations... the usual political claptrap you tend to get whenever a politician addresses an audience, but should be an interesting blog to watch... (thanks to Jilltxt for making me aware of it).


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