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At least according to this 'world map of social networks' I found while catching up with the feed from Valleywag. Last time I checked, VG's Nettby was still Norway's biggest social network, with 381,647 'citizens' vs Facebook's 291,695 members of Network Norway, but such national social networks probably fall out of the equation. That would go some way towards explaining why Sweden, which has many thriving national social networks, is down as 'unidentified'. Nick Denton explains more about the methodology used in this comment. Interesting map nonthesame:



How do you find the exact numbers for Facebook vs Nettby?

This was what made up my quick estimate at the end of the day:
a)the number of members of Facebook's network Norway, which you find when you look up network Norway in Facebook, b)Nettby's membership no from Schibsted's 1st quarter results, presented in May, and c)looking at, a site where VG breaks down number of daily unique visitors (UV) to different sections of its website. I've been checking no of UV to Nettby sporadically here since the beginning of the year, so I just looked at this site now to see if there was any indication that no of daily UV was down, but quite the contrary.

However, I could just have looked a bit closer at Nettby's site: it states clearly that the network has 381647 members, still way ahead of Facebook's network Norway.

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