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A good, honest reporter

"I want some facts. Any kind of facts. There must be something going on in Europe besides a nervous breakdown. I don't want anymore economists, sages or oracles bombinating over our cables.

I want a reporter. Somebody who doesn't know the difference between an ism and a kangaroo. A good, honest crime reporter: that's what the Globe needs. That's what Europe needs. There's a crime hatching on that bedevilled continent..."

I was ill this weekend, or last week for that matter, and it was raining cats and dogs. Or at least I seem to remember it was. So camping on the sofa with a good movie or three seemed like the perfect idea. The quote above, made by Mr. Powers, is from one I particularly enjoyed: "Foreign Correspondent" by Hitchcock (here's a review). It was made some 36 years before I was born, just at the start of the Second World War, but still has a lot of mileage. Here's a few more:

Mr. Powers: How would you like to cover the biggest story in the world today?
Johnny Jones: Give me and expense account and I'll cover anything.
Mr. Powers: I'll give you an expense account.
Johnny Jones: Okay, What's the story?
Mr. Powers: Europe.
Johnny Jones: Well, I'm afraid I'm not exactly equipped, sir, but I can do some reading up.
Mr. Powers: No no, no reading up. I like you just as you are, Mr. Jones. What Europe needs is a fresh, unused mind.
Johnny Jones: Foreign correspondent, huh?
Mr. Powers: No, reporter. I don't want correspondence, I want news.
Johnny Jones: [Powers is giving Jones instructions on whom he should interview in Europe] Anyone else?
Mr. Powers: No.
Johnny Jones: Well how about Hitler? Don't you think it would be a good idea to pump him? He must have something on his mind.

Amateur Hour
Carol Fisher: You never hear of circumstances out of our control rushing us into peace, do you?
Carol Fisher: I think the world has been run long enough by well-meaning professionals. We might give the amateurs a chance now.


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