Legislators inept at dealing with the Internet age
The road to hell is paved with amateur contributions


Young Indian research Journalists starts Citizen Journalism In India. A community news portal www.citizenxpress.com has been laucnhed in india by group of young indian research Journalists in december 2006.

The community new portal www.citizenxpress.com is research work of ABC Media Research and Development Center, the research wing of ABC News Network Private limited. This portal is fully dedicated to the cause of citizen involved journalism popularly called CITIZEN JOURNALISM.

Bloggers of this world unite! We are all rent seekers, I guess, and it will never change as there is some government body to seek rent from.

Indeed, Lene.

Parminder: Interesting development, but I don't particularly like people leaving press releases in my comment field, so I've edited down your post considerably.

If there's a development you think might interest me, email me the press release or drop me a quick line actually commenting on a post that is relevant to this development. Hint: this blog has a section called 'citizen journalism'...

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