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How addicted to blogging are you?

Hmm... it could have been worse (via Adriana):

78%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

It's quite ironic to publish this when I've just had huge difficulties accessing Typepad, which this blog is hosted on - again, I might add.

Maybe it's the Monday afternoon blues that sets in, and all the world's Typepad bloggers feel the urge to blog simultaneously, but I had exactly the same problems at the start of last week. Back then I got so annoyed I gave up. Typepad, of course, told me there was no problem.

I know my internet connection can be bad at times, the price of being mobile, or using mobile broadband in this country, but when the connection is weak, I'll have problems accessing sites like Yahoo and Financial Times: when I can access those without problems, chances are it's Typepad that's the problem.

Anyway, my point? Well, it nearly ruined my day that, not being able to access my blog: it made me seriously consider taking up twittering, even though I'm scared it'll take up too much time in my already way too busy schedule. But I'm only 78 per cent addicted to blogging, honest...

(By the way, click on the picture to take the test yourself)


I came in at 61 percent. Then I blogged about it and linked to you.

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