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Website adds news to nudity to make readers linger

Media websites often go to great lengths to make those eyeballs linger, but here's a novel one: forget all the accusations of how media is sacrificing serious news for celebrity scandal, ever heard of the celebrity rag who plan to seduce readers into spending more time on its website by introducing NEWS on it?

Last week, Danish celebrity magazine Se og Hör announced a deal with 'quality' freesheet Nyhedsavisen that would see the freesheet provide news to Se og Hör's website, (via Here's Henrik Qvortrup, Se og Hör's editor-in-chief, commenting on the deal:

"We aren't idiots. We know very well that a lot of people come to our website to look at naked women. But perhaps the fact that we now also provide news there can make the readers linger a bit longer."



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