Those were the days...
Who wants to write for newspapers when you can earn more delivering them?

Editor-in-chief steps in as newspaper delivery man

It's tough getting enough unskilled labour in countries like Norway and Denmark. So tough that the editor-in-chief of Tönsbergs Blad, a regional newspaper in an affluent seaside area of Southern Norway, has taken to delivering the newspaper himself (via NA24 Propaganda). Due to a desperate shortage of newspaper delivery folks, Frode Kydland has taken it upon himself, in good Norwegian communal spirit, to get up at 3am and do his bit to keep the newspapers' subscribers happy. And this is a newspaper that definitely can afford to get people to distribute their product, they just can't find them – like in Denmark, were newspaper companies had to import more labour from Poland last autumn to get all the new door-to-door freesheets delivered.



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