TV4 buys political blog of journalist ousted in hacking scandal
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Expert bloggers to Nyhedsavisen

Nyhedsavisen, the Icelandic-owned Danish freesheet, has just hired two political bloggers, Jarl Cordua and David Troels Garby to blog at (via

"David and Jarl can offer inside knowledge that neither the average citizen nor journalist can access. They have access to all the latest political gossip and can contribute to lift the veil on what really happens in the corridors of power," said David Trads, Nyhedsavisen's controversial editor. already has a range of blogs, written by both journalists and readers, and Trads said the new initiative was meant supplement this universe with resources that went beyond that of your average journalist.

Jarl Coruda will write a blog called "Punch from the right", David Troels Garby one called "Punch from the left".


Is all blogging about politics gossip?

I'm not asking that to be rhetorical, more that I haven't seen much that isn't. Even activist blogs stake their claim to truth not on principle but on "look on what bad thing so-and-so is doing."

If a good portion of blogging about politics is gossip, what can be done to change that? Should it be changed?

You know, being a media junkie, I read very few political blogs. Overall, I've found many amazing niche blogs, but I only have perhaps a handful, or less, political blogs I check regularly. I think it's great to see people blogging about the issues they care about, are passionate about, so politics, media, places, experiences, you name it - cool, I won't have time to read it all though, mostly just what pertains to my field of interest, or often only my professional field, but still: live and let live:-)

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