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Make it quick and easy, please

A vast majority of people base their choice of news sources not on quality but on convenience, comprehensiveness, or timeliness. That is, if we are to believe this analysis of what consumers want from online news - based on US data - by McKinsey (via Adrian Monck).

Cynics might say that this is exactly what consumers are getting online: 'cheap' news copied from other sources, but I must admit I'm a bit surprised at this finding. I read more online news, and more quality online news, than I've ever consumed either online, in print, from TV/radio or from all of those formats together. I will admit that I opt out of formats that don't go too well with my busy schedule and sometimes unreliable internet connection, like video or sites that take a long time to load, especially when I'm travelling. So yes, I do like the formats I get news in to be quick and easy, but there is so much to choose from that bad quality, inaccurate, news, or even good quality irrelevant news, instantly fall off my radar.


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