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Another reason to drink beer

I apologise for digressing from my usual media related posts, but I have to talk a bit more about water. Water is important to me: I work out quite a bit, and water is also the only sensible compensation for all the caffeine I consume. Drinkable tap water used to be one of the few advantages Oslo had over London, and the Norwegian capital is almost in the grip of a panic now that its authorities has announced its drinking water unsafe.

Yesterday bottled water was sold out by the time I hit the supermarket, and I had to confine myself to a bottle of carbonated water. Today there was no Norwegian water left when I hit the store mid-day; only Swedish (!) bottled water (hopefully Swedish is better than French bottled water - an exec of Severen Trent Water once told me over dinner that the latter had worryingly high traces of arsenic, but I never got around to test that thesis). Anyway, in these dark water times, this post from eminent beer blogger Knut Albert Solem sure put a smile on my face:

It’s funny. Back in the Middle Ages, one of the reasons people drank beers in vast quantities was that it was the only liquid available that was reasonably safe to drink.

Meet a new acquaintance, the cheeky little fellow in the picture is called Giardia, and is a parasite that is currently inhabiting the water supply of Oslo. (He was probably there in the Middle Ages, too!)


...That’s about four weeks of boiling all the water you want (or need) to drink. Luckily there are other beverages available. And at last we have a use for the ice beers from which they have removed the flavour - they are ideal for brushing your teeth!


As if I needed another reason ...

I have noticed series of news items in Norway about Giardia. I agree Giardia could beocme serious problem.

I have small suggestion to get rid of Giardia. Giardia will not be able to survive if the condition in the gut is not favorable for it. From the continuous research on Giardia, I will suggest to eat High-fibre food, No Glucose, No milk and No fat. There are simple reasons why this food habit will get rid of Giardia in three days. Eating high-fibre food will wipe Giardia from your gut, and induce unfavorable gut layer making it difficult for Giardia to attach and hence multiply. Giardia essentially needs simple sugar to grow, so no Glucose & milk in your food will be compromising for Giardia. Dietary fat is also the main stimulator for the release of bile acids into the intestinal lumen, which giardia trophozoites depend on for survival in the small bowel.

Moreover, if you have friendly bacteria among your internal floura in your gut, it will compete with the Giardia for surface to attach. So please try High-fibre food, No Glucose, No milk and No fat.

I hope my effort to spread the word against Giardia will help in someway.


Ah -

Interesting you should talk about that actually. We have a vignette in our historical section on our new website, looking at 1400 and the propensity for Belgian locals to drink solely beer, as the water was not fit to drink.

Indeed - two liters a day were recommended!

Cheers - and great article


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