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Bloggers and journalists unite to set up Scandinavian citizen journalism portal (via Undercurrent)

In the absence of a media corporation with the foresight to utilise the fabulous opportunities online to create a cross-regional Scandinavian media site, after all the regions' languages are more similar than they are different, a group of concerned bloggers and journalists have launched an impressive new citizen journalism initiative at iNorden.org. According to the founders it's "an attempt at settings new standards for civic journalism in our neck of the woods."

From INorden:


First We Take Scandinavia, Then…
People around the world have the darnedest conceptions of the Nordic countries. Quite a few seem to consider Stockholm the capital of Norway and Trondheim a Danish village — and honestly; they could’ve done worse. After all, indeed Stockholm once was Norway’s capital, as was Copenhagen. Sweden’s, Denmark’s and Norway’s history respectively, have been entwined, or rather; entangled for centuries. But let’s not forget Sweden’s colonisation of Finland, as well Danish rule on Iceland, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands — Finland’s supremacy on Aaland not withstanding.

You would expect these countries to have common arenas aplenty, at least on the Internet, which after all is an ideal channel for international dialogue. Alas, that hasn’t been the case, until now, that is. iNorden is an ambitious project, no doubts there. Even though an arena such as this would normally be initiated by the authorities or a sizeable media corporation, iNorden was founded by a group of concerned bloggers and journalists, who, like so many others recognised the absence of a Nordic common ground on the Internet — or anywhere, for that matter.


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