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Another freesheet bites the dust

Bonnier has decided to pull the plug for the Göteborg edition of its freesheet, City, just as the Swedes take off for the Christmas holiday on Friday 21 December. The free daily has a circulation of 44,000 and was launched when the freesheet craze hit Sweden last autumn. Lars Lundblom from paid for daily Göteborg Posten (GP) told Dagens Media that neither of the freesheets launched in the city back then, Schibsted's Punkt SE and Bonnier's City Göteborg, had managed to get a footing in the ad market so far, so, in his opinion, City's closure would have no effect on GP. He did however concede that the regional freesheet 'war', had led to a decline in over-the-counter sales, but said, for a paper that gets 98,5 per cent of its revenues from newspaper sales from subscriptions, the impact of this was marginal. Newspaper Innovation has more facts and figures.


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