Mecom's Dutch redundancies: 'stop killing Limburg's word'
Is it just "the fear factor", or has the market lost faith in media's business model?

Downcast in Davos

With the recent market gloom, it's no surprise to hear that the mood in Davos was a bit sombre this year. But no, Adrian, I can't imagine that the modesty of Davos is a coincidence, after all it's Switzerland: remember Calvin? I hear his thoughts on frugality and capitalism has had quite a major impact on Swiss mentality ... in fact, it's not so dissimilar to what you find in Norway (at least with the older guard), or any country where protestantism has had a major foothold....


Picture by Jean-Bernard Sieber (via Sambrook)


Interesting link between Calvin, Switzerland, and Norway. Calvinism is thought to have had a tremendous impact on Scotland and its people and on New England.

I failed to mention my favourite bit about Switzerland - a Swiss friend pointed out her local online newspaper had a story about a neighbour falling over on the pavement outside her house. She wasn't badly hurt. Depending on your view, either so hyperlocal it hurts...or the world's dullest news market.

Adrian: ha, ha... I'm not sure about dullest. I feel like suing the city council every morning when I head to work and the roads resemble an ice rank, making me fear for my life and health... I might read that story and symphatise:-)

Candadai: Interesting indeed, though in Norway the main protestant influence is Luther...

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