Trends: The strange tales of consolidation...
SMS loans and bloggers = new risk area for tax authority

It's never been easier to have you say, but how easy is it to be heard?

Talking about strange bedfellows, this article (in Norwegian) deals with the many and intricate liaisons among the country's online newspapers aimed at driving online traffic (even if you can't make head or tail of the language, try replacing the big names in the map with the biggest media groups or competing newspapers in you own country to get an idea).

According to Arne H. Krumsvik, a media academic and former online news executive, this web of partnerships had made it more challenging to launch a new, commercially viable, independent news site in Norway:

'It has never been easier to have your say, but to be heard is a challenge. The big players use their distribution power to start niche products. Because they use this power to occupy the most interesting niches, it will be difficult to start a successful new news site in Norway.'

Personally I'd like to think that - with say Wordpress or Drupal, great content and the skills and willingness to use the web to its full potential (no established site is quite there yet, hey, many haven't even started linking out) - it would be possible (oh, and better add a healthy sum of money in the bank to keep you afloat until you get established ++)...


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