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Current trends in Norwegian online journalism

The state of online journalism and other media in 2007 and beyond

While writing this post on online journalism in Norway for Paul Bradshaw's Online Journalism Atlas, it occurred to me that everything is in such a flux at the moment, that if I were to write about the current trends in Norway's online journalism, everything might have to be changed the next year, so I ended up writing a general map of the structure of the online media landscape.

However, Norway's online media industry is quite mature: the trends we're currently seeing here are very relevant to what's happening in other countries, perhaps even more interesting than the atlas itself, so I've also put together a few posts on the current trends in Norway's online journalism landscape. January 2007 marked the end of Scandinavian media year that was so tumultuous that I felt a need to isolate myself for a few days and just take some time to sum it up (which I did in the category called 'highlights 2006').

I haven't had time to do this quite the same way this year, so my posts on trends in online journalism will be my main way of summing up the past year this year, but I will make it part of a slightly broader category called 'headlines 2007'.


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